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Devoted to Fine Watches

Issue 56

Issue 56 reaches out to every corner of the horological universe with features on Franco-Californian March LAB (the epitome of modern cool), the spectacular Urwerk-MB&F collaboration named after Nitroglycerin, Le Locle's prestigious International Chronometry Competition and finally Bulgari's elegant Octo.


The March Men: March LA.B

Meet the March Men. Jérôme Mage and Alain Marhic are the two minds behind the f [...]


Highly Explosive: C3H5N3O9

When it comes to unrestrained, unconstrained watchmaking, MB&F and Urwer [...]


Pieces of Eight: Bulgari Octo

It has been one heck of a year for Bulgari - joining the portfolio of luxury [...]


The Test of Time: ICC

The International Chronometry Competition, based in Le Locle, is calling for [...]