Patek Philippe Museum Director Dr Peter Friess
The Time Keeper: an interview with Patek Philippe's Museum Director
The man in charge of perhaps the most important collection of timepieces in the world is also responsible for taking it around the glob…
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Patek Philippe Henry Graves Minute Repeater
Four days in Geneva: A report from November's major auctions

All the big auction houses were in action this autumn: these are the highlights from each sale

Rolex Daytona Chronograph "Tiffany" dial
Twice as nice: the allure of double-signed dials

From Tiffany and Cartier to Gondolo & Labouriau, we explore the rare and glamorous world of retailer-signed dials

Seconde Hands: the Parisian firm injecting vintage watches with nerd humour

The work of Seconde/Seconde/ is the most entertaining (and transgressive) take on vintage watches we've seen in years

Arturo Merzario Niki Lauda Rolex Datejust
The tale of Niki Lauda's rescuer and a Rolex Datejust
In 1976, Arturo Merzario dived into flames to free Niki Lauda from his wrecked F1 car. The rescuer was given a gold Rolex as a thank-yo…
Superbia Humanitatis - Paul Gerber
It's complicated: the watch that took 126 years to complete

Superbia Humanitatis is a watch like no other, counting Louis-Elisée Piguet, Franck Muller and Paul Gerber among its makers

The five vintage dress watches we'd love to see reissued today
What about bringing back some of watchmaking’s more flamboyant dress watch designs? Here are some we'd love to see brought back to lif…
The great chronograph gold rush: examining the biggest market boom in years

QP assembled a panel of experts to ask: what is going on?

Winston Churchill’s pocketwatch goes up for auction
Winston Churchill’s pocketwatch goes up for auction

Sotheby’s is to auction a piece of political and horological history

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The vintage Tudor watches you need to know

The market for vintage Tudor watches has boomed in recent times. Make sure you know your Monte Carlo from your Big Block.

The best watch I ever sold, by the experts who sold them

The experts reveal their favourite vintage watch sales, including rare watches from Omega, Rolex and Patek Philippe