Nomos Glashütte adds neomatik movements to Club Campus – and debuts retro steel bracelets

The trendy German manufacture has added in-house automatic calibres to its entry-level ‘graduate’ range, and embraced steel bracelets for the very first time

Nomos Glashutte Club Campus Collection

Nomos Glashutte has added three references to its Club Campus collection that bring the neomatik movement to this sub-range for the first time, and in what feels like much a more significant move for such a design-driven brand, it has introduced the option of metal bracelets for the very first time.

Nomos Glashutte Club Campus

The Club Campus is Nomos' entry-level watch, pitched squarely at first-time watch buyers (or watch gift recipients - a free caseback engraving is included with all models). Until now it has only been available with hand-wound calibres, which help to keep that entry-level price down (starting from £1,100). Now, however, Nomos has released three references with its slimline, modern, in-house neomatik calibre, which we've covered in-depth before.

They comprise: reference 748, the 37mm model with a muted colour palette of silver-white dial, grey numerals and rose gold details. £2,240 on metal bracelet.

Nomos Glashutte Club Campus Silver
Holger Wens

Reference 765, measuring 39mm with silver dial, blue numerals and orange details. £2,380 on metal bracelet.

Nomos Glashutte Club Campus Metal Bracelet
Holger Wens

Reference 767, also 39mm with midnight blue dial, pale blue numerals and orange details. £2,340 on textile strap.

Nomos Glashutte Club Campus - Blue with Textile Strap
Holger Wens

There are a few things to take away here: firstly how great looking that midnight blue dial is, but mainly how well a Nomos watch can work with the right steel bracelet. Nomos Glashutte has chosen a design that reminds us of sixties-style expandable bracelets (like the Speidel Twist-O-Flex or Tank Track) but instead of expanding, these have an adjustable clasp similar to most Milanese mesh bracelets - which lets you size it perfectly to your wrist. The bracelet attaches to the lugs with quick-release spring bars, leaving a gap between it and the case that's oh-so-vintage.

Nomos Glashutte Club 39 Neomatik

Currently, these bracelets are only available on the light dial Club Campus neomatiks, as shown, but we would strongly anticipate Nomos eventually bringing them to other ranges and potentially making them available to purchase separately. And that just excites the watch nerd in us: how cool would these look with the Autobahn or Tetra?

Nomos Glashutte Club 39 Neomatik Caseback

The last thing to note, of course, is those prices: with the addition of the neomatik calibre it's impossible for Nomos to offer them at the same kind of graduate-friendly price that it does with the hand-wound. Superficially, the increase - nearly double - can be hard to understand, but a heck of a lot of work has gone into that calibre and it's far superior to the ETA and Sellita movements you'll see in most automatic watches at this level. These are still the most affordable neomatik models, by a good £400 or so. If you're interested in knowing more about the wider strategy at Nomos - and why prices have risen of late - check out our interview with CEO Uwe Arendt.

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