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About us

First launched in 2003, Q-P was the UK’s first magazine to open up the world of fine watches, helping to spark a revolution in demand for luxury timepieces.

Two decades on, the watch landscape has completely changed, but Q-P continues to set the agenda. Reflecting the exploratory cultural mood we find ourselves in, Q-P is the first British publication to explore the relationships between watches and other luxury worlds: specifically, jewellery, arts, design, fashion, motoring and spirits.

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Watches and jewellery
through the lens of art and design


The quarterly guide to horology and jewellery cultures – that has both men and women in mind


A print-first celebration of beauty, craftsmanship and the objects that make us who we are, Q-P redefines the classic watch magazine for a whole new generation of collectors.


In an era of creative collaborations and the blurring of luxury categories, we know that our audience thinks in terms of worlds, not just things.

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Expert voices

To bring the world of watches to life through an informed and compelling lens, Q-P calls on a community of writers and imagemakers across the arts.

Featured topics

Q-P’s curation of subject matter reflects this world-building, and a reader who is as passionate about collecting knowledge as they are about collecting objects.