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Advertising and partnerships

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Audience and distribution

As an engaged audience for watches continues to rise, Q-P has emerged as a distinctive and trusted voice among the watch and jewellery scenes in the UK.
Visually arresting and always well-informed, Q-P is the creative point of reference for any smart collector today.

We invest in controlled distribution in places we believe we can find the right audience. Each issue, we combine subscriptions, targeted newsstand presence, and free distribution in key locations and luxury points around the UK.

Editorial calendar

Spring (No. 102) - April 2024
Summer (No. 103) - June 2024
Autumn Issue (No. 104) - September 2024
Winter Issue (No. 105) - November 2024


Q-P is published under licence in Thailand and Turkey. For further information on licensing please contact:
Beran Toksoz, Publisher