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Accelerated penmanship

Writing implements and high-octane race cars may not be natural bedfellows, but in the hands of Montblanc craftsmen, the combination can have covetable results. The German marque’s latest limited-edition pays homage to Ferrari’s Daytona SP3 hypercar, first unveiled in 2021 and the newest in its powerful Icona series. With the use of light titanium throughout its cap and barrel, the Stilema SP3 echoes the Daytona’s fluid shape, whilst an angular cap is an elegant riff on its aerodynamic nose. Elsewhere, a strip of Ferrari red adds a pulse-quickening highlight to the case, which also boasts striped accents derived from blades on the car’s bumpers. As a final flourish, a Prancing Horse emblem has been lasered onto the pen cap. ‘Together with Flavio [Manzoni, Ferrari’s chief design officer], we have defined a new family of instruments that seamlessly merge both Ferrari and Montblanc identities, pushing boundaries of design and innovation within our respective industries’, said Montblanc CEO, Nicholas Baretzki. Just 599 pieces are available worldwide.