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Because the knight

With the first sighting of Lenny Kravitz’s enormous, knitted blanket scarf back in September (an XL accessory he actually debuted back in 2018), style watchers knew the winter season had truly arrived. 2023’s chicest take on Kravitz’s oversized coverup, however, is much more streamlined, with a distinctly practical appeal. Available in four different colourways, including a covetable purple and green ‘Vine/Royal’ version, Burberry’s rectangular checked wool blankets pull double duty as cosy shawls and also casual throws for the home. Each features Burberry’s leaping Equestrian Knight Design (known internally as ‘the EKD’), which was actually crowd-sourced during a public competition to find a new brand logo in 1901 and has now been revived under Daniel Lee’s creative direction after a five-year retirement.