Top ad area, 970 x 250 (could be anything though)

Corduroyed New Yorker

Having launched her brand in 2016 with a couture-led approach to fashion, Emily Adams Bode Aujla has been quietly championing the use of thrifted textiles and historic artisanal techniques (her pieces are all handmade in New York and New Delhi) for years. The first female designer to show at New York Fashion Week Men’s in 2018 and the recipient of a CFDA fashion award in 2021, Bode’s androgynous, homespun-meets-high fashion style continues to captivate those striving for a more nostalgic and soulful approach to getting dressed: from reproduction vintage fabrics and jackets fashioned from patchwork quilts, to ornate shirts created with repurposed table cloths. Womenswear, childrenswear and home accessories have naturally followed suit. This early-20th century inspired cord pillow was made with a special collegiate technique inspired by the tradition of senior cords, with hand-drawn motifs making it a real object of desire.