Top ad area, 970 x 250 (could be anything though)

Cultural crossover

Born in Venice and now living in London, Lorenzo Vitturi explores his mixed heritage for his latest ongoing project. Entitled Caminantes – Spanish for ‘walkers’ – the series of images and sculptures are inspired by a trip that the artist’s father took across the Atlantic to open a Murano glass factory in Peru,where he subsequently met Vitturi’s mother. Using materials gathered dur- ing his travels between Italy and Peru – including Murano glass and Peruvian textiles, in combination with his own body – Vitturi’s pieces are intended to ‘embody a symbolism that speaks of both personal stories and local cul- tures’, according to an artist statement. Recently on show in London, the varied and colourful sculptures which make up the current chapter, called Innesti (‘Grafts’), combine raw glass, discard- ed kiln pieces, terracotta and even ship- ping materials to tell stories of transfor- mation and the collision of worlds.