Top ad area, 970 x 250 (could be anything though)

Flying high

The house’s latest range of luggage - termed ‘RMS’ after a 1950s sporting collection that reduced the name to how it sounds phonetically - is a masterclass in old school refinement and a nod to the glory days of travel. A neatly compact carry-on case, it’s crafted in Rilsan shell, a recyclable and regenerable material, and trimmed in the house’s exceptional leather. The template for the design of the wheels taken from a series of skateboards the house debuted in 2017. Of course, Hermès would never create anything as gauche as an overtly branded accessory, which is why the lettering across the RMS has been so wittily rendered; it’s Hermès only to those who know. The final flourish, should you choose it? The wheels and candles can be customised by its bottier in any finish or colour you wish. This is first class travelling for a more civilised, post-pandemic age.