Top ad area, 970 x 250 (could be anything though)

Lighting up

The timeless style of chic Parisiennes has been a constant source of inspiration to the Californian designer Sophie Buhai since she founded her eponymous jewellery business in 2015. Indeed, the modernist silhouettes and sculptural curves of her elegant, recycled silver pieces – which are handmade by master artisans in downtown Los Angeles – has ensured her brand has achieved the kind of cult status among editors in eight short years that may larger brands can only dream of.

In 2021, Buhai began adding heirloom-quality artefacts to her line up, including hand mirrors, belt buckles and hair combs, all reminiscent of antique pieces and adorned with ornamental hard stones like lapis lazuli, chalcedony and onyx, or luminous pearls. We’re currently obsessed with her textured Coquille lighter case, which is fashioned like a beach-combed shell and instantly elevates the most quotidian of products into a covetable, collectible object.