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The eyes have it

It’s fair to say that pioneering glam-rock band The Velvet Underground played a pivotal role in shaping the contemporary definition of a what it means to look ‘cool’ – all-black ensembles and slim-fitting silhouettes worn with pointy boots, an air of insouciance and, crucially, dark sunglasses were the epitome of style for an entire generation of music lovers. Now, a slice of Reed’s sartorial legacy has been preserved by luxury eyewear maker, Jacques Marie Mage, which has been collaborating with the band on limited ranges of statement sunglasses since 2019. Its latest, the Vicious, is directly inspired by Lou Reed’s signature wraparound frames from the early ‘70s and comes in a range of shades including fluoro, leopard and, of course, black. Each features a 7-barrel hinge, a distinctive bridge and comes in a metallic silver monograph box.