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Voodoo childs

At least, that is what the nose of this perfume got that inspiration from. When creating the Voodoo Chile, perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu got inspired by Voodoo Child, the famous track of Jimi Hendrix. He interprets the tension between rosemary and patchouli as something like Hendrix’s guitar. Van Noten’s starting point for creating scents is this way of translating certain feelings and emotions into a bottle. Defined as bold and ambiguous by the brand, the top notes of the perfume consist of cannabis accord and rosemary. Heart notes are lentisque and patchouli. For the base, Beaulie picked cedarwood and sandalwood essence. Dries Van Noten’s first perfume collection consists of 10 genderless editions that are even just fun to look at because of their impeccable bottle designs. Voodoo Chile has a deep blue glass bottle with antiqued etched metal that makes it look like a vintage flask that complements the perfume’s headspace.